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XFoam Dust Suppression

A unique method for dust suppression

we no longer make/ build these units - but full information is presented here and we can offer advice on a consutancy basis

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Xfoam is a small bubble pressure foam produced in the required quantity from compressed air, water and a specially formulated Foam Agent. Typically it is mixed with dusty materials. This suppresses the dust in with the bulk material, and prevents it from becoming airborne. Very low levels of moisture are needed to achieve dust suppression.

Once treated with Xfoam a material remains dust suppressed through many subsequent handling operations.



Xfoam is NOT a water sprayXfoam should be MIXED with dusty material – not just sprayed on top of it.Dust level reductions with Xfoam are much better than water sprays.

Once treated with Xfoam the material remains dust suppressed through many subsequent handling operations


Xfoam is a small bubble high energy foam, the bubbles are 50-100 microns in diameter pumped through small bore pipes (25-50mm)diameter to foam nozzles where it is discharged for mixing with the material to be dust suppressed.

If the foam comes into contact with a larger particle its surface will be wetted and the foam will be substantially unaffected. Dust particles which are comparable in size to Xfoam bubbles will penetrate the bubbles. This breaks the bubble and wets the dust particle which will adhere to the moistened surface of the larger particles.

Thus by using XFOAM it becomes possible to coat the small particles (dust) selectively in a bulk material with water, without saturating everything, such as the larger particles and the surrounding machinery as can happen with water sprays.

Typically dust suppression can be achieved using only 2 litres of water per tonne of bulk material.


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