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Micro-T-Log Temperature datalogger

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Smaller than a 50p coin      

only 16mm diameter - 6 mm deep !

The Micro-T-Log is a miniature standalone temperature logger, with a built in semiconductor sensor which can store up to 2048 readings at user set intervals from 1 to 255 minutes

The logger will be extremely useful in a range of industries where QA/QC requirements demand constant monitoring of temperatures, in a variety of locations, where often a permanently wired logging system is not practicable. These tiny units can be can be placed in almost any area, vehicle or moving container, left for days, weeks or months. They can be retrieved when necessary and recorded temperature data downloaded to a PC.

Graph below is a screen shot from a dowloaded logging session with the Micro-T-Log


Case: Miniature Stainless Steel Disc, 16mm diameter x 6mm deep, weight 3.2g.
Sensor- Temperature, internal precision semiconductor, sensitivity, 0.
Detection range -20oC to +85oC
Battery, internal sealed Lithium. Battery life 10 years or 106 data points (whichever is first)

Logging: User set intervals of 1 to 255 minutes, 2048 data points, time and date stamped, delayed start option.
PC software and Serial Interface adaptor (only one needed for any number of loggers) Windows 95/98/NT compatible. Used for set up of logging parameters, download of stored data, printing of graphs. Data may be saved to file for subsequent import into spreadsheets and LIMS programmes.

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